new york city through the eyes of a gulf coast gal…

a ‘lil time in the big easy…

Dancin’ In The Streets

As mentioned here, a surprising southern blizzard allowed me to spend some extra time back home. I decided a few days in New Orleans were just the ticket. Now, this detour was hardly my first time in the Big Easy; but, like the Big Apple, it’s impossible to do everything in a short time. So, soak in what you can while you can and just enjoy the ride*…

West Village, NYC

West Village, NYC


Uptown, NoLa

Uptown, NoLa


Besides timing my trip with an extremely rare NoLa snowfall, I was also fortunate to catch some early Mardi Gras spirit:



Famous for its excess and revelry, the devil is in the details and the Crescent City knows how to cram them in. Please excuse this ridiculous ramble:  Vibrant vibes, antebellum architecture, fantastic food, lavish libations, live music, crazy locals, pretty pastels, a dash of voodoo, and one, damn good time. Blah, blah, blah… WHO DAT!

Oh, hey, y'all…

Oh, hey, y’all…


Alas, no words can describe it. My pitiful attempts to photograph will have to do…

*Glossary of spots I hit up this trip (click to link to site):

Audubon Park 


Cane & Table

Carousel Bar 


District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew. 


Jacques Imo’s

Lebanon Cafe


Z’otz Cafe



3 Responses to “a ‘lil time in the big easy…”

  1. sweet home, alabama… | shanhattan

    […] In a hilarious turn of events, my flight in to New Orleans was delayed for a day due to a blizzard in the northeast. The south, not to be outdone, decided to keep me another day with a “blizzard” of its own. I made the most of my time with friends in New Orleans – which deserves its own post and pics here. […]


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