new york city through the eyes of a gulf coast gal…



Southern transplant from Alabama, six-plus years in New York City. 13 years and counting in the service industry, nearly 11  spent behind the pine, most recently at the Waylon in Hell’s Kitchen.  Currently movin’ and shakin’ for the rebel rockstars at lifestyle brand Folk Rebellion.

I also have 10+ years of experience in Advertising/Marketing. Click the link below for all that jazz…

Click Here For Resume

I managed social media for Brother Jimmy’s, one of New York’s busiest nightlife spots, where I also tended bar a few nights a week. Since moving to the city, I have done freelance digital media work for Marc Jacobs International and have also managed Twitter accounts and related online projects for companies such as AOL and Women’s Wear Daily.  Occasionally, I get asked to cover events or ghost write fun things. I have even dabbled as a fitness contributor for Racked.

Currently, you can find me wandering the streets of Montréal (typically, Nikon in tow), learning French, or attempting to cook something that inevitably involves garlic and butter.  LSU Tigers & New Orleans Saints fan. Sunset chaser. Running enthusiast. Whiskey lover. Ability to quote Tommy Boy verbatim, respectively.

Got a project? Need help? Hit me up…

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